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Continental Breakfast

You can get a light breakfast with eggs, pancakes, fruits, pastries, potatoes, breakfast meats and toast. These can be a non-heavy and non-greasy breakfast and you won’t feel any discomfort.


Main Course Vegetarian

Experience the taste of great vegetarian dishes. These are not just the old salads and age old recipes; there are a number of exciting varieties of vegetarian dishes. It comes with amazing mixture of vegetables, cheese and more.


Non Vegetarian

Rich and delicious non-vegetarian dishes are always an unavoidable thing in holidays. The evergreen Malabar dishes are always mouthwatering. The Arabian and Chinese food will be the other favorites.


Sea Food

When it comes to sea foods, there will be a number of fishes and shellfishes coming into our mind. Many of them have entirely different tastes. There are a number of tasty local and foreign recipes with the sea living things.